Statement on Ukraine by EEsrASSW

Social work as a profession and academic discipline is based on the idea of peace and non-violence (Statement 9 of the Global Social Work Statement of Ethical Principles). The pioneers and founders of professional social work explicitly advocated for peace and against military interventions that continue to inflict suffering on people on all sides of violent attacks. Today, educators, students, and social work professionals continue to condemn political violence and advocate for peace and against military intervention in various parts of the world. 

In line with these principles, EEsrASSW strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will cause unnecessary human suffering, loss of life, poverty, trauma, destruction of infrastructure and the natural environment. We support the right of the people of Ukraine to live in peace, and the right of the people of Russia who are affected by the military attack and who are working for peace to be heard. We think about the neighbouring countries and the whole world that is destabilised by the war. In today’s world, war is no longer justifiable. Diplomacy, negotiation and peaceful recognition must be the supreme imperative of politics and human coexistence.