IASSW Statement on the Ukraine

Social workers subscribe to the principle of self-determination of the people, and stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people taking a stand against the aggressor on the basis of our shared values. We abhor the use of force against the territorial integrity to subjugate any people and urge all nations, government and non-government organizations, to respect human rights, social justice and international laws that uphold Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.

IASSW has spent the past 94 years encouraging the social work profession throughout the world in seeking peaceful resolutions of conflicts and disagreements, whatever the cause. In keeping with this tradition, IASSW condemns the current attack on Ukraine and the needless loss of life, destruction to housing and other built infrastructures, and cost to the environment, caused through the contribution that discharging military ordnance. This has already brought unimaginable horrors among civilians, refugees, combatants and the world’s ecosystem. IASSW calls on the international community throughout the globe to come together to insist that President Putin cease this attack immediately and engage in dialogue where Ukrainian people’s voices will be heard and their sovereignty upheld. President  Putin’s contravention of international law, the stability of societies living with each other in peace needs to be fully addressed. Also, President Putin must be held accountable for his actions in this and other similar scenarios. But an immediate end to this aggression on Ukraine must become the reality immediately. Regardless of where we live, we are all affected by the impact of this aggressive act upon all of the inhabitants of this planet. Showing solidarity with the peoples of both Ukraine and Russia who call for an end to war, is a way that IASSW encourages all members of the social work profession to respond and let their leaders nationally and locally know their views and facilitate action that realises this purpose. IASSW considers a war response to be unjustifiable in any situation of conflict in today’s world. Diplomacy, negotiations conducted with integrity and consensus are the way to deal with unsolved conflicts Peace must become an inalienable right for all!